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All your training. All your learners. All at your fingertips.


Create and deliver training

Create your training once, then deliver it as many times as you need.

Once you’ve set some training, simply add a learner's email or phone number, and they will receive a link that brings them directly to whatever training you set.

Rather than spend unnecessary time delivering all your training face to face, Wyzed allows you to deliver training online. What might have taken 4 hours face to face, now may only take 1 hour as learners can consume the majority of training online.

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Track Learner Progress

Progress tracking provides business owners with powerful insights into the quality and standard of their team.

Track your learners as they progress through training, and identify any issues before they become problems in your business.

Alongside progress tracking, you can incorporate Quizzes throughout your training to get a really clear insight on the level of your learner’s understanding. You can tailor the questions to make sure they know exactly what they are meant to, and then easily address any concerns along the way.

Access anywhere, on any device

Your Wyzed account is cloud based, which means you and your learners can access it anywhere on any device.

Learners can come back and go over training at anytime, as well as access any forms and files that may be required of them.

It’s all mobile friendly as well so you know that training, procedures, and updates are always readily accessible. Likewise, business owners can login and create updates, and communicate with staff and clients from anywhere at anytime.

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Flexible content types

Wyzed allows you to create whatever type of training you need.

From a simple system for memos and daily communications, right through to fully interactive online training modules for staff and clients – it’s up to you.

If you already have your training organized you can easily plug it into the Wyzed framework. You can always edit and add to this training, as well as create all new material.

Training can be created from almost anything you can think off. For example you can create training using any combination of text, images, video, online discussions, quizzes, and interactive apps. It’s as much or as little as you want, and there’s something for every business.

Daily Communications

Wyzed allows you to manage all your daily communications from the one place.

From your account you can send group SMS and Email to clients and staff, informing them of new training and updates to your business.

Alongside direct messaging, you can use trackable Memo’s to keep staff updated on your latest business changes, and set automatic email and SMS notifications to let staff know about updates to your policy or training material.


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Manage your learners

Create notes, record learner details, and instant message any of your staff and clients at anytime.

You can create new learners whenever you need, and group them into their relevant areas. For example - sales staff, admin, clients etc. and then enrol them into the relevant training for each learner type.

It’s a really easy way to manage your learners, their training, and daily communications all from the one place.

Automatic training records

All employee and client activity is automatically logged and recorded as evidence of training within your business.

Completion certificates are automatically emailed to learners, as well as added to their file. Even if an employee or client leaves your business, all records are archived for future reference.

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Create Courses for Customers (click to enlarge)

BONUS: Customer training

The same way you can communicate and train your staff, you can offer online courses and manage communication with your customers.

For example you might need to send out a group SMS to all customers. Or you might like to offer an online course to support customers who can’t make it to your place of work.

Wyzed also opens up the possibility of additional revenue streams as you can sell online courses through your account. The possibilities are endless but we’ll leave it up to you for now…

Unlimited content, unlimited users

Create and deliver as many training programs as you like. You may wish to have programs for your employees right alongside programs for your clients – it’s entirely up to you.

There’s also no limit on the number of users you add to your account. So if your business is growing rapidly, you can easily add users as needed.