Wyzed Video Tutorials

The videos below cover everything you need to know about using your Wyzed app. Please get in touch if you require any assistance support@wyzed.com.

Wyzed Administrator Tutorial
Duration: 21 mins
This video is a 20 minute tutorial covering all areas of Wyzed. You can use the time guide below to skip to relevant sections.
Recent Updates
Duration: 8 mins
In this video we take a look at some new features that have been added to Wyzed recently.
Inviting Learners to Wyzed
Duration: 3 mins
This video covers the process of inviting Learners to sign up to your Wyzed platform. You can create different sign-up pages and choose which courses new users will have access to.
How to Create a Course
In this video, we will show you how to create a new course, how to access course functionality, as well as how to move topics within the course itself.
How to Use elements in Creating a Course
In this video, we will learn how to use the various elements in the creation of your courses on Wyzed.
How to enrol a learner
In this video, we will learn how to enrol a learner into your courses.
How to (un)archive a learner
This video will give you a quick overview on how to archive and unarchive a learner to stop your learners from having access to your Wyzed system.
How to Use the Wyzed Employee Communication Feature
In this video we’ll take a look at using Wyzed to communicate with employees via SMS and email.

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