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L&D / Training professionals trust Wyzed

“Having all of your training in one simple area is so powerful. I can create new programs in minutes, and then roll them out to our whole company with a single click. Like literally, under 5 mins! It’s just made training so easy and successful for us. “
– Joseph Dela-Loretta
Training Director, Matic Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage all payments through your Wyzed account. You can choose both automatic billing through Credit Card, or Monthly/Annual Invoicing.

No, you are only billed for active accounts. Accounts that are innactive can be archived and will not be billed for. All infomation on the archived accounts will still be saved and accessible.

If you have credit, you can email to redeem any credits through your account.

You purchase add new users to your accounts at any time, and can go beyond your current billing bracket at any time. If you go over the bracket you’re currently in, we will contact you manually and let you know of any increase to your next billing period before it happens.

Yes you can cancel at anytime. You will be required to pay the existing month’s balance and then your account can be closed and a full refund of the remaining balance can be issued.

L&D / Training professionals trust Wyzed

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