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“Having all of your training in one simple system is so powerful. I can create new programs in minutes, and then roll them out to our whole company with a single click. Like literally, under 5 mins! It’s just made training so easy for us.”

– Joseph Dela
Training Director, Matic Insurance

“Wyzed LMS is fast and easy to use. I have tried so many tools and platforms over the years and the Wyzed system is light years ahead. Would highly recommend to anyone who manages training.”

– Lucy Henchell
L&D Specialist, Ipsen Manufacturing

“What used to takes us days or weeks we can literally do in minutes. It’s crazy to think how we used to work versus how we work now. I don’t think we could ever go back to how we used to manage training.”

– Wesley Hetherington
Director of Operations, Tap Edit Go

Why companies struggle with training

Without the right system, managing training can be
 insanely complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

Huge workloads

Managing training in person takes a huge amount of time and energy, especially at scale.

Poor Systems

If you don’t have a simple system training gets way too complicated and messy.

Complicated LMS

Not all LMS’s are the same. Most are so slow and technical that no one even uses them

How to fix the training problem?

Modern companies need modern systems – A tool that drastically reduces training times and costs, while making training faster and easier for everyone.

ONE system

One simple system to manage ALL of you company training from a single place.

LESS work

Massively reduce the time and energy it takes to create, deliver and manage your training.

LESS Admin

Put your record-keeping and on auto-pilot while the system records all training completions and performance for you automatically.

LESS expensive

Cut out manual labor and repetetive tasks from training and let the system do the work for you

TOTAL visibility

Enjoy complete visibility into your entire training process and know what works and what doesn’t.

REAL-time reporting

Generate accurate and live reports across all areas of training in your company with a single click

Out of 172 Reviews

Getting started takes zero effort

This is the 3-Step process we use to get you up and running
with zero effort and zero risk on your end.

Step 1

We’ll take your existing training and build it into online courses in Wyzed LMS for you. It’s zero work on your end.

Step 2

We’ll customise the LMS to suit your specific use case and streamline your entire training process.

Step 3

We’ll show you how to use the system and help you get up and running quickly and smoothly with 1:1 support

Features / What's included

You’ll get a world leading training system – with everything you need to make training faster, simpler and less expensive in 14 days or less.

An insanely efficient training process

Whether it’s inductions, role specific training, WHS, customer or partner training – you can easily do it all from one place with Wyzed.

Instant access to training, anytime.

Easily deliver your training online, on any device. Give people access to training where they need it, when they need it

Real-time reporting from anywhere

Keep your finger on the pulse at all times with instant, real-time reporting on training completions, performance and compliance.

Out of 172 Reviews

About Us

Wyzed supports over 500 customers across 32 countries with businesses sizes ranging from 20 to 2000+ employees.

Our customers include Kayak Travel, WSP Consulting and Groundprobe, and Gov Orgs like German Chamber of Commerce and Adelaide City Council.

Some more of our clients...

“I’m not sure how we managed before Wyzed. Seriously solid system, does so much for you and makes the things you still need to manage really fast and easy. Highly recommend!

– Sam Tucker
Human Resources Director, North Coast Construction

“We tried a number of other tools before finding Wyzed. It’s so much faster and easier to use than any other platform out there. It’s been great for our training process and our company.”

– Lucy Kennody
Learning and Development Specialist, Lencred Services

“A lot of these systems are just too hard to use. Wyzed is not one of them. The team helped us get up and running quickly and we’ve never looked back. Great training platform!”

– Isaac Wilson
Director of Training, New Way Health and Support
Out of 172 Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are Zero risks. This is 100% risk free, obligation free with no CC required at any stage.

Pricing varies based on your user numbers (the number of people you will need in the system). To get a quote and receive our pricing guide please click the “Book a call” button.

You can get started with a demo or free trial right now by click the “Book a call” button. If you want to implement the system in your business, it generally takes 7 days or less to be operational.