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What is Wyzed?

Wyzed is an Online Training Platform used by businesses to automate client and employee training.

Who is Wyzed for?

Wyzed is for small to medium businesses that want to automate the delivery of their employee and client training.

How does Wyzed work?

Wyzed is a very flexible platform allowing business owners to automate a range of processes within their business. On the employee training side of things Wyzed can be used deliver and manage hiring, inductions, role specific training, company updates, daily communications, and track all employee progress. On the client side of things Wyzed can be used to educate clients on your services, automate on-boarding, provide 24/7 access to services online, deliever e-learning and online courses, and capture leads with attractive content offerings.

What types of businesses use Wyzed?

Wyzed is really flexible and can be used in any industry that needs to deliver education and training to clients or employees. For example, Electrical companies use Wyzed to deliver new site inductions, while Swim School’s can use Wyzed to deliver and record staff training for their swim programs, and Gyms use Wyzed to offer online client facing nutritional programs and workouts.

How much does Wyzed cost?

Because Wyzed provides a dedicated online training automation hub for each business, there is a small monthly hosting fee of $99.

How is Wyzed different?

Wyzed differs because we give businesses their very own private and dedicated training site, complete with branding and URL to match their company. We then work with you to set up your training automation systems to make sure your saving the most time and most money in the areas that are most important to your business.

How does Wyzed compare to other training/compliance systems?

Wyzed is far simpler to use than other training software. We built it with the text rule in mind – it has to be easier than sending a text message, which it is! Wyzed is also far more customized than other training software, coming fully branded to suit your business and a choice of URL to match your website.

Is Wyzed an LMS?

Yes, Wyzed is a learning management system. It streamlines and automates a wide range of employee and client training and is easily customized to suit your unique business needs.

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