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When it's easy for your people to grow, it's easy for your business to grow. Take control of learning and growth in your business with your own modern online training hub.

Learning and growth on auto-pilot

Don’t limit your business to the hours you have in the day – Use Wyzed to easily package up all your amazing knowledge into professional online courses, and help your clients learn and grow without even needing to be there.

  • Grow with online learning,
  • So simple to use,
  • Branded to your business

Grow and scale your business

Easily package all of your expertise into online courses for clients and customers. Create your course once, and then deliver it over and over without ever even needing to be there.

  •  Automate the delivery of your content
  •  Set it up once, and let the Wyzed work for you
  •  Track your clients as they learn and grow

Beautiful, simple and modern

Wyzed is so simple to use – if you can send an email you can create a modern online course with Wyzed. With a modern design and beautifully course templates you can get started with in minutes.

  • Beautiful, simple design
  • Easy to use, get started in minutes
  • Engaging for your clients

Custom branded to your business

Beautiful in design, every account comes custom branded to your business for a seamless integration between your business and your online learning hub.

  • URL, Logo, and colors to match your business
  • Looks great on mobile, tablet and desktop
  • Present yourself as modern and professional

How It Works

Wyzed provides small to medium business owners access to a simpler, more efficient way to manage employee and customer training.

Loved By Businesses Owners Globally

Wyzed has more than 10,000 users in all sizes, across various industries on all major continents.Their feedback has shaped the platform and all of its features.

Trusted by 1000's of users globally

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With tools that make learning and growth simple for you and your people, getting started with online learning has never been easier.