Wyzed Video Tutorials

The videos below cover everything you need to know about using your Wyzed app. Please get in touch if you require any assistance dustin@wyzed.com.

More videos coming soon!

Wyzed Administrator Tutorial - 21 mins

This video is a 20 minute tutorial covering all areas of Wyzed. You can use the time guide below to skip to relevant sections.

Skip ahead to learn what you need:

  • Creating a training Course / Memo / Procedure (0.30)
  • Creating a topic (1.00)
  • Adding various content - Video, Images, Text, Quizzes, Group Discussions etc. (1.30)
  • Preview your training (9.50)
  • Notify learners of new material (11.20)
  • Enrolling learners into courses (12.00)
  • Creating a new learner (14.10)
  • Enrolling a new learner into required courses (15.20)
  • Learner settings (16.20)
  • Tracking learner progress (17.00)
  • File manager (18.40)
  • Notification center (19.20)
  • Grouping / tagging your learners (20.20)

Inviting Learners to Wyzed - 3 mins

This video covers the process of inviting Learners to sign up to your Wyzed platform. You can create different sign-up pages and choose which courses new users will have access to:


Recent Updates (December 2016) - 8 mins

In this video we take a look at some new features that have been added to Wyzed recently.