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It’s almost daily we get asked, “How are other people using their Wyzed account?”

So to answer this question we’re going to start sharing more about our awesome users.

In today’s post we’re going to show you in detail how Nudge Coach (a digital coaching and health tracking platform) are using Free Online Courses to automate 14.6 weeks of marketing and save over $17,568 every year.

Nudge Coach Co-founder, Phil Beene, had this to say…

“Creating a simple online course with Wyzed has allowed us to literally put the top half of our sales process on autopilot.

Instead of spending hours meeting one-on-one with new leads that we know very little about, we’re now able to see who’s the most engaged and set up one-on-one calls with only our most qualified leads.”

We’ve never been more scaleable”

This post covers the exact steps Nudge Coach took to implement this system. And shows you exactly how you can do it to!

What this means for their business (by the numbers)

Nudge Coach used to deliver information on health tracking and digital coaching through manual demos and over the phone consults.

This type of education is a great way to get to know your clients, but it also drains HUGE amounts of time and resources your business.

Which is why Nudge Coach recently set up a system using Free Online Courses that now has people spending over a whole week each month learning about digital coaching platforms ALL ON THEIR OWN.

This new system ensures that leads are highly qualified and well educated on health tracking and digital coaching.

It also allows Nudge Coach to easily collect lead contact details like Phone number and email.

Nudge Coach can easily track and identify which leads are most engaged, and then arrange follow up sales calls according to each individual’s interests.

Naturally this is resulting in a higher conversion rate, and creating more of the RIGHT customers for their business.

And they’re saving a HUGE amount of time and money in the process!

But before we dive in to see how they did it, let’s just look at this for minute – 6.3 days is A LOT of time to be saved each month.

Nudge Coach automated the delivery of over 50 hrs and 44 minutes of sales / marketing last month. That’s over 6.3 FULL work days per month!

As you can see from the screen-shot of their account analytics, Nudge Coach are automating the delivery of 50.4 hrs (6.3 FULL working days) of marketing and sales every month.

They used to pay someone an hourly rate to do this job manually, but now it’s happening automatically in the background and saving them 1.2 FULL weeks of work every month.

Which adds up to the HUGE total of over 14.6 FULL Work Weeks per year!

Completely freed up, and automated!

It’s a saving of $1,456 every month on wages.

Which again adds up to a massive $17,568 A YEAR – SAVED.

What would you do with all that extra time and cash??? Push the business forward, three day weekends, extended vacation? It’s up to you.

And the best part is that Nudge Coaches all important marketing message and sales process is still being delivered to both leads and clients whether Nudge Coach are there or not!

Ok, you get it – 6.3 days per month is A LOT!


So how did Nudge Coach “put the top half of our sales process on autopilot”?


They delivered free, helpful infomation that their audience loved.

“Boring, we all know this”, I hear you say.


The FORMAT counts as much as the content.

And by simply changing the FORMAT of their content, they drastically increased engagement, trust, and the perceived value of their offering.

At the same time they also automated repetitive messages that they were manually delivering to clients and leads day after day, which saved HUGE amounts of time and money.

And they were able to easily see which leads were most engaged with their content, and then follow up with targeted sales calls resulting in HIGH conversion rates.

What are some of the things that you say OVER and OVER again day after day to both prospective, and existing clients?

These are the types messages that I’ll show you how to automate below.

Ok – so what’s this “magic” format?


The Free Online Course Format

Using Free Online Courses, Nudge Coach  “literally put the top half of our sales process on autopilot.”

By simply delivering their content through the ONLINE COURSE FORMAT, they hit the engagement and automation jackpot.

Let me explain.

Nudge Coach have a lot of content on their website in blog form and tutorial video pages.

They also have a ton of great knowledge stored in their heads that they deliver manually through demo’s and consults.

But even with all of this amazing knowledge and information, the time that potential leads were spending learning about their services was still relatively low.

The worst part was that they couldn’t even track which leads were interested, and couldn’t follow up with a sales call unless someone went to the effort of booking a demo themselves!

To add to this, they were spending huge amounts of time and resources delivering their message manually through demos and consultations.

They had great knowledge and content.

They also had the right target audience.

The only thing missing was the correct FORMAT for delivering their message.

And by simply delivering their content through a Free Online Course, the perceived value of their message drastically increased along with their customer engagement.

Potential clients that used to just browse their website have been converted into hundreds of hot leads, who can then be targeted with specific sales calls and messages.

The best part?

You can do it too!

It’s amazingly simple to set up, and we show you how step by step below.


Which Businesses do Free Online Courses work best for?

This type of marketing automation and lead capture works best if your business falls into at least one of the following three categories.

1. If you already have a mailing list and want to engage the potential clients that haven’t signed up for your services yet.

2. If you want to identify and attract more of your ideal clients with an offer that will set your business apart from your competitors.

3. If you’re always saying the same things over and over again to prospective and existing clients, and want to automate the process.

4. If you want to make intelligent marketing and sales calls based on know which content your audience actually cares about.


The Nudge Coach formula, step by step

By simply following the steps below you’ll be able to…

  1. Automate a portion of your prospective and existing client marketing

  2. Create an irresistible free content magnet

  3. Capture lead info like Phone Numbers and Email

  4. Track which content your audience likes best (HUGELY important to your business success)

  5. Track individual leads and the information that they’re interested in.

  6. Group SMS and Email your leads directly with new offers and content

  7. Have the tools and insight required to follow up with targeting marketing and tailored sales calls to increase your conversion rates.

It took Nudge Coach no time at all to implement this system, so follow along to see how you can too.


Step 1 – Create a University, Academy, or Free Online Course

To begin with, Nudge Coach created the “Nudge Academy”.

“Nudge Academy” is what Nudge Coach named their Wyzed account that they use to create and deliver their Free Online Courses with.

People who visit the Nudge Coach website can sign-up to Nudge Academy for free and access a range of free online courses on digital health tracking and coaching.

All courses consist of the exact information that Nudge Coaches clients come to them for, which makes Nudge Academy an AMAZING Content Magnet for capturing leads.


You can see the live Nudge Academy for yourself right here.

Now you’re probably thinking setting up an Academy or Free Online Course sounds like a lot of work – but it’s not!

As I mentioned, Nudge Academy is actually a Wyzed account which can be set-up, and completely custom branded to suit your business within 10 minutes.

Nudge Coach can easily create as many online courses as they want, and can manage their leads and track which content is best and which leads are hottest, all from the one area.


The eElearning Sign Up Page for Nudge Academy
The Sign Up Page for Nudge Academy

You can see the live Nudge Academy for yourself right here.

Now you’re probably thinking setting up an Academy or Free Online Course sounds like a lot of work – but it’s not!

As I mentioned, Nudge Academy is actually a Wyzed account which can be set-up, and completely custom branded to suit your business within 10 minutes.

Nudge Coach can easily create as many online courses as they want, and can manage their leads and track which content is best and which leads are hottest, all from the one area.

The Online Training Platform dashboard for Nudge Coach
What it looks like inside the Nudge Academy. As you can see there are a lot of awesome free courses to choose from.

You can create your own “Academy” or Online Course here. 

Creating the online courses in your “University” or “Academy” is really simple!

An online course can simply be a few small pieces of information that your clients come to you for everyday, just structured in a clear and simple way.

Or it can be an existing blog post, only broken down into actionable topics within a course.

Or it can be a series of short videos discussing important topics that your clients will be interested in.

It doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

Remember, it’s the FORMAT of the online course that is so attractive to people, not the size or amount of content.

I have included some examples of Free Online Course ideas in STEP 2 below.


Step 2 – Build your Free Online Course


Nudge Coach created their first Online Course using existing content from their website and blog.

This was a simple yet highly effective course. In Nudge Coaches case it involved simply embedding their existing video and blog articles into the Wyzed online course template. 

An Online Training Course for Nudge Coach Academy

Creating a course is really easy, and can be done using any combination of content including video, text, images, interactive apps, audio, online discussions, quizzes, and downloads.

Courses can be as simple or as extravagant as you need, and are built by simply clicking the content type you wish to deliver. (see image below of elements)

You can easily build your course by simply clicking on which type of content you want to use. It can be as interactive or as simple as you want.

If you don’t have any existing content to build from, you can ask yourself a simple question to get started.

“What do I tell clients / potential clients over and over again every day?”


“What do my clients come to me for every day?”

Once you answer this, you can break it down in 2-3 small helpful pieces of information which you can use to build your course from.


Some examples of how we are seeing people use online courses are:


Doctors – Diabetes Info 101, Nutritional Advice, Free Health Advice, Easy Exercise Routines

Fitness Industry – Free workouts, 8 week weight loss program, Strengthening techniques you can do from home, Nutritional Advice

Sporting Groups – Martial Arts Home Practice, Best strength and stretching techniques, Sports Psychology 101, Free Aerobic Fitness Routines

Nutritionists – Nutritional Plans, Diet Programs, Free Meal Planners, Free 8 week weight loss program

Training Companies – How to fly a drone, How to take the perfect photograph, How to edit a video in under 10 minutes, How to improve your confidence

Financial Services – The most recent changes to lending, Borrowing pitfalls to be aware of, How to get your business funded, Investing 101


Basically anything that people come to your business for and would find value in can be turned into a simple online course.

It’s a great way to capture leads, and see who’s most interested in becoming a paying customer.

It’s also a great way to improve your business by offering 24/7 online services to existing clients as well.

We also have ways for you to sell courses online, which you can find out more in one of our free consultation right here.

Nudge Coach have a whole blog post that covers the actual mechanics of this course building step in more detail that you can access here.


Step 3 – Integrate the “Academy” with your website

Once Nudge Coach had finished their first Free Online Course, they let all their web visitors know about “Nudge Academy” by putting a big bold button on their website.

When anyone clicks this button it takes them to the sign-up page where Nudge Coach can collect their contact details in exchange for access to the free online course.

Nudge Coach and Wyzed Sign Up Page

Once people sign-up, their progress through the course can be tracked, and every action they take is logged under their learner profile.

This information can then be used to see which leads are most active, and which content is most appealing.


Step 4 – Tell people about your Free Course!

Nudge Coach were getting quite a few sign ups organically through their website but knew if they wanted to maximise their reach, they’d have actively tell people about Nudge Academy.

Nudge Coach emailed their mailing list full of existing and potential clients and let them know about “Nudge Academy”.

They also posted on Facebook, and other Social Media, and used their corporate partnership network to promote the Academy.

Very cleverly, they made accessing the Academy very easy for people by adding a direct sign-up link into each of their posts.

For example…

“Hey Guys, we’re proud to announce Nudge Academy. Be sure to check out our free digital coaching courses right here.”

The “right here” actually directs users to the link you can see below.

This way people could simply click the link and sign straight into their free course on health tracking, digital coaching and the Nudge Coach platform.

You can easily integrate these links into any of your marketing (email campaigns, buttons on your website, social media posts, infusionsoft etc.),  and allow people from anywhere to access your free course in exchange for their contact details.

Nudge Academy Call To Action

Step 5 – Track your leads and CONVERT them

Having people learning all about your area of expertise is great. But the endgame is of course to turn them into happy loyal customers.

Built into every Wyzed account is a way to track and visualise which content is most popular.

And a way to track which people are most engaged.

Nudge Coach tracked their learners progress, and followed up with phone calls and emails to convert these highly engaged leads into happy paying customers.

Use Wyzed to track which users are most engaged in online learning

As you can see,  Mathew and Marc are the most engaged as they have finished the whole course.

These would be the hottest leads to follow up first.

Kyla, Louise, and Kerry have showed considerable interest by completing most topics in the course and would also have a High Conversion Chance.

To get a little more info on each lead you can click right down and see EXACTLY what content they are interested in. (see image below)

Track learner progress through their online training course

As you can see above, it’s very simple to see which content individual leads are interested in by which course they have completed.

For example, if you were to make a sales call to Sonia, you would know that she was highly interested in the content from Academy Level 1 and Level 2.

You can then tailor your around that content, and improve your chance of converting Sonia to a payed customer.

So tracking allows you to see…

1. Who are the hottest, most qualified leads
2. Which content each lead was most interested in

And once you know these two key metrics, you can easily make the sales call targeting each lead’s exact interests, rather than a broad scatter gun approach.

From this data you can also be confident knowing which information works best with your audience while continuing the cycle of delivering content and then following up by closing on hot leads.


Step 6 – Keep bringing people back with built-in SMS and Email Marketing


Every Wyzed account also allows you to “Message Learners” at any time.

This means you can send an SMS and Email to groups of leads as well as individuals, directly from your Wyzed account.

Each SMS and Email includes a link directly to the content, making it amazingly simple for your audience to access.

SMS and Email users at different stages in their online course

It’s all mobile friendly, so people need only to click the link to access your Free Online Course at any time, on any device.

For example, if Nudge Coach were to add an update to a course, they could easily click the message button and notify EVERY single person who’s signed up to Nudge University and let them know that there’s brand new content available.

All people have to do is click the link on their phone, and it puts them straight back into Nudge Academy, where you can re-engage existing and potential clients.

Using this SMS and Email messaging tool is a great channel for getting the word out whenever you update content, or even to remind people of your existing courses.



Step 7 – Relax and enjoy marketing automation

The final step involved Nudge Coach sitting back and watching as people continually spend 1.3 weeks every month educating themselves on everything about digital coaching and the Nudge Coach Platform.

Well, in all honesty they didn’t really sit back too much.

But they COULD have!

They actually went on and have continued to build out multiple online courses and free education for their clients.

They’re doing an awesome Job, and are thinking about charging for some of their courses soon (but that’s another story for another post)

So it all sounds pretty simple, right?

I’m sure you’ve already got a bunch of ideas that you’re thinking of doing yourself.

And as a SPECIAL OFFER we’re giving away free consultations with our in house professionals as long as you click the button below in this post.

So if you’d like to run your ideas past a professional consultant for FREE, simply book an appointment using the link below

Or if you’re ready go right NOW, you can create your own online course and start automating your marketing today.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post!

We’re looking forward to hearing all your ideas and helping you set up your own marketing automation with Online Courses.

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