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Nudge Coach Health Tracking

Have you ever wanted to provide more value to your clients, while reducing your active work hours?

If the answer is yes (and it should be!) you need to check out the Scaling your business podcast by Nudge Coach.

To fill you in, Nudge Coach is an awesome digital coaching platform.

What’s a digital coaching platform you ask? Basically it’s the future of health and fitness coaching, but here now.

Nudge Coach let’s coaches, health care providers, and practitioners keep track of their clients fitness and health all from one simple app.

Using the Nudge Platform, you can sync up a range of fitness tracking devices (fitbit etc.) from your clients and get live data as they move through their day, receive alerts, and contact them as needed.

You can then track their health over time, and work out customized health goals for each client based on the solid data that Nudge Coach provides. Put simply it gives you the information and insight you need to take your health and fitness coaching to the next level, without relying on infrequent and time consuming manual measurements of each client.

Pretty awesome right?

So naturally Nudge Coach’s podcast is about scaling your business and setting up systems that both make your life easier now, as well as set you on a path for increasing success in the future.

“We got to chat about easy ways to provide more value to your clients (and make more money) without even needing to be there.”

We got to have an awesome chat about how we’re currently seeing people systemising their services with online courses and classes, and easy ways to provide more value to your clients (and make more money) without even needing to be there.

You can watch the podcast below, or download the episode from iTunes.



[2:20] how to strategically iterate based on customer feedback,

[4:20] the ways businesses are getting the most value from their online training courses,

[6:05] what businesses are charging for access to their online training courses for customers,

[8:20] using online training to make sales and marketing processes more scalable, lead capture, lead nurturing, [read our ‘how-to’ blog post on this topic here]

[16:20] how the Wyzed revenue model and pricing model evolved,

[18:45] what the next phase of product growth has to look like to scale their business further, 3rd party platform integrations, online membership management tools,

[20:45] how this enables the next generation of fitness and wellness businesses,

[26:00] what software tools and platforms Wyzed use internally to run their business,

[32:00] and more lessons for product companies to remember.

Get In Touch!

If you’d like to learn more about digital coaching you can contact the friendly people at Nudge Coach here.

And if you’d like to speak to someone about ways you can systemise and scale your own business, feel free to book an appointment with Wyzed here.

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